A little feedback from our Customers


Our turnaround time is approximately 2 weeks from order , until delivery on all pickups

Ordered a pair of Camelot a couple months back. All I can say is you\'re gifted, kudos.
Justin R

Hi Mike, Wow!! Is the 1st thing I said when I plugged it in, I got the pickups installed, New Strings, I must say I am so glad I purchased these.
Huge sound increase very quite & no noise, I am very happy! Thank you for a job well done!

Jackson, Ca.

Hey Mike,
Got the pickups, threw them in my Les Paul and damn they sound good!! I play harder rock and they sounded amazing no micro-squeal even with a decent amount of gain. I dig them, thanks again and Ill help spread the word on your pickups!

- Tommy, Grand Rapids , MI

Hi Mike--
Thought I would update you on the pickups you made for me. They are incredible! Best Strat pickups I have ever used (and I have used some pretty good ones--Lollar, Fralin, and the best of the Fender pickups). The output level is perfect, and the variation in tone between the 3 pickups is amazing, which is something that has kind of disappointed me with other pickups.
Anyway, they are perfect. Maybe sometime soon Ill be ordering some humbuckers from you.
Anyway, thanks again. I play the guitar at every gig now. If you want you can follow my main band, Groove Principal, on FB and Ill post a photo sometime soon.

--Walt H.

Mike- the loaded pickguard is fantastic! Completely different sound, feel, vitality to the strats tone. Thank you again for being so focused on GREATNESS. What a difference! Ill be back!!!
J.J. Charlotte, NC

Good evening Mike,
I finally had a chance to open the package and complete the installation - all three pickups sound absolutely amazing !
B.L. Prescott , Az

Thank you for the pickups and sorry for such a long delay getting back to you.

The pickups are fantastic. I have been using them for quite a while now.
The neck and middle have great clarity while still having good warmth and bass
response. I spend a lot more time on the neck pickup now with your set. On the
other set I had in my Strat before your pickups, I spent most time in the bridge
position and set my eq accordingly. With your pickups I am switching happily to
all positions. The bridge pickup is great. It has wonderful midrange character and
no ice pick in my head. The bridge pickup also has more output and grinds very
nicely. The in between positions quack like a strat should.

Thank you again for the great set of pickups.
I spread the word where I play out all the time.
J.N. San Jose , CA

Hi Mike,
Loving the Stratocaster pickups I purchased from you a while back. They are exactly what I have been looking for. Loved the Stratocaster pickups so much I am back again
I see you are running the Telecaster pickup special, and I am in need of a set. I would like to have the Blackguard set, with the rope binding on the bridge, I am going for the old Bakersfield sound and from what I have heard that model will definitely nail it!
A.D. Aliceville, Al

Hi Mike, just a quick note, First thank you for getting the pickups to me in the amount of time we talked about. But the very best part is I love the pickups very much. I put them on an American strat and am really likeing what Im hearing from these things. I will surely recommend these to a few of my friends.
Thanks again from Idaho !
P.M. Kellogg ,Id

Mike -

The Kent rewind sounds great so far! Ill swap the one you sent me on the next string change, and Ill keep you posted. It will probably be after the holidays!
M.T. Austin, Tx

Thanks for making some awesome pickups. My strat finally sounds how a strat should sound. Before, it had the HSS Fender N3 noiseless pickups which I never really cared for.
Thanks again !
R.F. Austin, Tx

Jazz Bass pickup set


Geppettos Jazz Bass pickup set is a great solution for bringing renewed life into a Bass with a breathtaking tonal range and stunning touch sensitivity. These are the preferrred pickups of Grammy Nominated Bassist Chris Maresh. This pickup set includes covers , cushions and mounting screws. A set is (2) pickups ,bridge and neck

$85 each , $159 set of 2

Precision Bass pickup set


Geppettos Precision Bass pickup set is highly dynamic and hand wound to a resistance of 8.8 K Ohms , we can go a little higher for a deeper response or a little lower for a brighter snap , this set includes covers , cushions and mounting screws.

$99 each

Camelot P.A.F. in humbucker shootout


Checkout a set of my P.A.F.style humbucker pickups on the "Shootout" video and the MP3\'s compared to a \'58The first one is an actual 1958 LP Standard " Oscar" with its original P.A.F. pickups.
The second one is a Heritage H- 150 with Geppetto " Camelot" P.A.F. style pickups do we cut the Mustard?



Let me know what you think !

Don't see a video? Click here to go to Youtube, and listen to the this pickup.

Firebird Style Mini- Humbucker


This is a faithful recreation of the Firebird Mini , even including the steel plate for higher peak resonance , not a wimpy weakling! 6.8.K , 7.2 & 7.4 K , or wound to order at no extra charge finished with a sealed Chrome cover

$90 each , $180 set of 2, $249 set of 3

Nomad Humbucker in Brand New Humbucker Shootout


Geppetto Guitars is happy to introduce its new vintage style, scatterwound humbucker pickup, The Nomad.

The Nomad is the first pickup to pay homage to the Dry Z pickup, and is the result of cracking the “recipe code” to these infamous pickups that were used in Japanese copies of American guitars produced by Greco and Tokai in the late ’70s and into the ’80s.

The humbucker is another slice of the PAF pie—representing the lowest strength magnet, but a slightly higher resistance than our Camelot humbucker. This results in the clearest voicing possible.

The Nomad proudly wears an aged nickel cover with double black bobbins. The Alnico 3 magnets have been slightly discharged, allowing it to perform like a vintage pickup. The DC Resistance is approximately 8.0 K Ohms in the neck pickup and 8.7 K Ohms in the Bridge pickup. Wax potting is available upon request.

Geppetto Guitars owner, Mike O’Donoghue, worked on the development of The Nomad for almost a year. The result is a visually beautiful and audibly stunning finished product.

$110 each , $220 set of 2
Don't see a video? Click here to go to Youtube, and listen to the this pickup.

The Camelot


A Patent Applied For (PAF) style, made from 100% historically accurate parts and materials. German Nickel Silver frame , butyrate bobbins, 1022 steel alloy screws and slugs, Maple spacer, 42 AWG Plain Enamel coil wire, rough cast Alnico 4 magnets and (Optional) Bare Nickel cover, add $10 per pickup

Slightly mismatched coils for great audio dimension, scatter wound , which make these Pickups sound fantastic ! Very 3D , airy , with lots of bloom !
Neck - 7.3 K, Bridge 7.8 K.

$90 each , $180 set of 2
Don't see a video? Click here to go to Youtube, and listen to the this pickup.

The Ghost Pepper


This is NOT YOUR DADDYS PICKUPS , these Pickups take care of business with a set of Earth scorching, take no prisoners Alnico 8 Magnets , mated with HIGH OUTPUT coils which will foster captivating tones with unprecedented soulful focus !
Neck - 11 K Ohms, Bridge 15K Ohms

$90 each , $180 set of 2
Don't see a video? Click here to go to Youtube, and listen to the this pickup.

The Habanero


This could easily be described the " Swiss Army Knife" of our pickup sets. This set will take you from beautiful and warm melodies to soaring overdriven highs by having an Alnico 5 Magnet in the neck and a HOT Ceramic Magnet in the Bridge pickup.
Neck - 9.5 K Ohms , Bridge 12 K Ohms.

$90 each , $180 set of 2

The Jalapeño


This contemporary pickup set is made with an Alnico 5 magnet set and brings vibrant, shimmering , highs and beautiful , warm yet tight mids and lows, a likely set to end up in your "Go to Guitar" and you'll never look back !
Neck - 7.5 K , Bridge - 8.5 K

$90 each , $180 set of 2

The Tupelo Honey


Press Release :
Geppetto Guitars is happy release its newest pickup; the Tupelo Honey . The Tupelo Honey is a nod of respect to the design of the Humbucker (P.A.F.) in its original form as envisioned by Seth Lover, with all solid Pole pieces
( slugs) , the adjustable Pole pieces were only added later due to the insistence of the salesman for a gimmick to promote sales.
For two weeks every spring the Tupelo Trees of Southern Georgia and Northern Florida flow with the most sought after nectar in the world , the bees collect that nectar and it becomes Tupelo Honey , the gold standard of honey , worldwide.
The Tupelo Honey Humbucker Pickup is a warm , but not harsh output with sonic beauty from an Alnico 4 Magnet , black bobbins , Gold pole pieces and an open-faced Gold cover. These pickups are made in the Spirit of two Masterpieces ; The P.A.F. pickup and the nectar of the Tupelo tree -
" It looks just as good as it sounds !"

$100 each , $200 set of 2

Limited Time only , Pre loaded pickguard


Stratocaster pickup set in a pickguard of your choice (White, Black , Pearloid, or cream) with a high quality wiring harness and your choice of pickups for only $189 + $14 shipping

, $189 set of 3

The Original


Inspired by 1954, first year of the Stratocaster. Alnico III magnets, 42 AWG wire. All three pickups wound in the high fives (5.6-6.0) standard wind, RW/RP optional, wax potted, cloth pushback leads. David Gilmours Black Strat, # 0001Dark Side of the Moon...need I say more? Mounting hardware & cover in your choice of color included.

$69 each , $189 set of 3

The Tiger Shark


This is the Apex predator, top of the food chain, most sought after single pole pickup sound ever. Inspired by the very best qualities of the 1955-1964 Strat. This period includes the guitars of Clapton, SRV, Jeff Beck, Rory Gallagher, Buddy Holly, Dick Dale, Eric Johnson, Mark Knopfler and countless others. Alnico V magnets, 42AWG wire, standard wound, RW/RP optional, wound in a mid and upper 6 range, 6.50- 7.10 K Ohms. Wax potted, cloth pushback leads, mounting hardware and cover(s) in your choice of colors. This may be the last pickup you ever buy, I'm not kidding. Mounting hardware & cover(s) in your choice of color.

$69 each , $189 set of 3
Don't see a video? Click here to go to Youtube, and listen to the this pickup.

The Woodstock


This is pure Jimi 100%, The Patriarch of modern music, the single biggest guitar inspiration in history. Alnico V magnets, 42 AWG Plain Enamel wire with light gray bobbin bottom. Standard wound, RW/RP optional, wax potted. Woodstock is wound in the high fives, 5.7 - 6.0K Ohms, plug it into a Marshall and sail away! Mounting hardware and cover(s) in your choice of colors.

$69 each , $189 set of 3
Don't see a video? Click here to go to Youtube, and listen to the this pickup.



Neck - Alnico V magnets, wound with 43 AWG Plain Enamel wire to about 6.5 K Ohms, wax potted, finished with cloth pushback wire and a chrome cover. Comes with mounting hardware.

Bridge - Alnico V flush magnets, wound with 42 AWG. Plain Enamel wire to approximately 7.6.K Ohms, Copper baseplate, wax potted, finished with cloth pushback wire and the coil protected with cloth tape. Black "Rope" covering by request, no extra charge. Mounting hardware included.

$85 each , $170 set of 2
Don't see a video? Click here to go to Youtube, and listen to the this pickup.



Neck - Alnico III magnets, flush 43 AWG Plain Enamel wire, chrome cover, wax potted, wound to around 7.75K Ohms. Cloth pushback leads.

Bridge - Alnico III magnets, flush pole, 43 AWG Plain Enamel wire, wax potted, Copper baseplate & cloth pushback leads. Great warm, clear tone. Wound to about 8.5 K Ohms. Comes with mounting hardware, coil taped for protection, Black "Rope" covering upon request at no extra charge.

$85 each , $170 set of 2



Neck - Alnico V magnets, wound with 43 AWG Plain Enamel wire to about 6.5 K Ohms, wax potted, finished with cloth pushback wire and a chrome cover. Comes with mounting hardware.

Bridge - Alnico V magnets with staggered poles, 42 AWG Plain Enamel wire wound to about 6.7 K Ohms, wax potted,Copper baseplate, coil protected with cloth black tape, white " Rope" upon request at no extra charge, finished with cloth covered pushback wire, mounting hardware included.

$85 each , $170 set of 2
Don't see a video? Click here to go to Youtube, and listen to the this pickup.